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Useful Commands

Below is a list of useful commands.  The list is not complete, but the syntax of most commands can be learned by doing an operation in FaceFX Studio then watching the Console Tab for the executed command. 

Command Interface

FaceFX Studio uses a command system internally to implement undo /redo and to log information about the FaceFX Studio session. Users can take advantage of the command system to perform batch operations. The most recent commands are printed to the Console Tab and an archive of all commands are printed to the FaceFxStudioLog.txt file in the Logs directory of the FaceFX Studio folder in My Documents. Some of the most useful commands are listed above for easy reference.

Entering commands

Commands can be entered in several ways:

  1. Directly from the comand prompt at the bottom left of the application. 
  2. From the python shell of the Console Tab.  Precede FaceFX commands with %
  3. From a python file executed with the exec command or from the DOS prompt by using the FaceFX Studio python module’s issueCommand function.  (See Scripts folder for examples).
  4. From an FXL file which is executed with the exec command.
  5. From an FXL file which is automatically executed.