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FaceFX command - developer

The developer command contains some useful operations for troubleshooting problems.

Flag LongFlag Arg Description
-dnt -dumpnametable No Prints all entries in the nametable to the console.
-dcc -dumpconsolecommands No Prints all available console commands to the log.
-dcv -dumpconsolevariables No Prints all console variables and their values to the log.
-dbp -dumpbonepose Yes Prints bone names and transforms for the specified bone pose.
-drp -dumprestpose No Prints bone names and transforms for the rest pose.
-dmas ‑dumpmountedanimationsets No Puts information about the currently mounted animation sets.
-saf -saveaudiofile Yes Save the resampled audio currently loaded in studio to the specified filename as a raw series of bytes
-about -about No Prints information about FaceFX Studio.