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FaceFX Commands - exec

The exec command is used to execute Python .py files or a batch file containing one or more FaceFX Studio commands. Batch files are simply text files with a list of FaceFX commands in them. The (*.FXL) extension is common for batch files and it stands for FaceFX Language file.

Command Syntax

Flag Long Flag Arg Description
-f -file Yes Specifies the path or filename of a python or  text file that contains a list of FaceFX
commands that should be executed.      
-s -silent No executes the command in “silent” mode so that no pop-up dialogs are shown.

Path types

The -file flag can be followed by one of the following:


%exec -file "C:\my-batch-file.fxl";
%exec -f "C:\my-python-file.py";

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