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FaceFX commands - map

The map command is the interface for the mapping.  It can be in one of several modes:


Flag Long Flag Arg Description
-d -default No Creates the default mapping.
-c -create No Puts the command in create track mode.
-r -remove No Puts the comand in remove mode.  Use with -track to remove the track entirely, or with -phoneme to clear the values from a phoneme.
-s -set Yes Used to map a phoneme to a track.  Must be used with -phoneme, -track, and -value
-sa -syncall No Syncs all animations to the current mapping. This needs to select animations, so is much faster if done from a DOS prompt.


Flag Long Flag Arg Description
-v -value Yes The value to assign to the phoneme/track pair.  Used in -set mode
-p -phoneme Yes The phoneme to operate on.  Used with -set and -remove modes.
-t -track Yes The track to operate on.  Used with -set, -remove, and -create
-n -norefresh No Used inside of batch execbatch statements to make sure the GUI does not update until appropriate.


%map -set -value ".75" -track "open" -phoneme "A";