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ogre command

The ogre command is the interface for creating and modifying ogre-specific settings.

Flag LongFlag Arg Description
-av -addviewport No Adds a viewport.
-sbl -showbonelabels No Displays bone labels where the bones are located in the scene.
-hbl -hidebonelabels No Hides bone labels.
-sbt -showbonetelemetry Yes Shows bone transform information.   Takes a string array of bone names as input.
-hbt -hidebonetelemetry No Hides bone telemetry.
‑dfov -defaultfov Yes Sets the default field of view for ogre cameras. 0-180
-edl -enabledefaultlighting No Removes lights from the scene, and adds a light to the default camera.
-ddl ‑disabledefaultlighting No Uses lights from the Ogre .SCENE file.  No lights will be used if there is no .SCENE file or no lights exist in the .SCENE.


%ogre -addviewport;

%ogre -defaultfov "40";

%ogre -sbt "BN_Head|BN_Jaw";