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Working with Animsets

General Usage

Animsets are groups of animations that are stored separately from an actor (a .facefx file).  They have two functions:

  1. Help game developers manage memory.  Games with a lot of dialogue can have thousands of animations per actor.  By storing animations in animsets, a group of related animations (for a single level for example) can be stored in one animset file, then loaded and unloaded from the game dynamically.  This requires that the FaceFX SDK is integrated with the game.

  2. Allow animations to be shared across characters.  If multiple characters are sharing the same animation, using animsets keeps the data in one place.  Animset files also make sharing animations between actors easy.

Mounting vs. Importing

In FaceFX Studio, you can either mount or import animsets. In both cases, the animations are available for editing and transferring inside of FaceFX Studio. 

Unmounting vs. Exporting