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Timeline & Command Panel


The timeline can be clicked in to control the current time. Keys for the currently selected curves will be displayed in the timeline.  Holding Ctrl while dragging with LMB will select keys from curves that are owned by user.  The keys can then be moved forward or backwards in time.


Current Time - Displays and allows the edit of the current time.

Playback Controls - Loop, Rewind, Previous Frame, Stop, Play, Next Frame, Fast Forward.

Playback Speed - set Very Slow, Slow, Normal, Fast, and Very Fast playback speeds.

Time Format - Select to display time markers as seconds, milliseconds, or frames.

Ogre Preview Animation - Select the Ogre skeletal animation to play, and select if the skeletal animation is to loop.

Snap to Frame - When turned on, this feature forces mouse movements and typed time values to land on frame boundaries at the specified frame rate.  All user-generated keys created while this feature is on will be on frame boundaries.  All events created will have start times and blendin/blendout values corresponding to frame boundaries. Curves and events that have already been generated, or that are generated via analysis will not necessarily line up with frame boundaries. 

Frame Rate - The frame rate used in the snap to frame feature above.

Time Format - Time units will be displayed in this format in the timeline, event widget, and curve editor.

Timeline Range - The visible range of the timeline is controlled by the second row of controls.

Command Panel

FaceFX Commands can be executed from the lower-left of the application.  On the lower right, the most recent command or error message is displayed.