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FaceFX in a Nutshell

FaceFX is an audio-based 3D facial animation solution.  It generates realistic lip-synchronization and gesture (eyebrow raise, blink, squint, and head rotations) curves based upon an audio and optional text file.  The curves can be used to drive morph or bones-based 3D characters.

Getting Started

  1. Install FaceFX.
  2. Create a bones or morph-based character in your favorite animation package, or buy one that is already made.
  3. Show FaceFX how your character talks by creating the targets specified in the default batch export text file.  Key the bones or morph targets to make the specified targets at the specified frames.  If your character already has a facefx_poses animation, you can skip this step.
  4. Export an FBX file for your character and drag it onto FaceFX Studio.
  5. Drag an audio file onto FaceFX Studio.  To use text, create a text file with the same name as the audio file but with the .txt file extension and put it in the same folder as the audio file.
  6. Watch your character talk in FaceFX Studio. 
  7. Export an FBX file with your animation, or save the .facefx and load it in a .FaceFX Exporter.  You can also export the data into an XML file.