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Events - Analysis Events

Table of Contents

  1. _AnimEventGroup
  2. _StressEventGroup
    1. Stress categories
  3. _SilenceEventGroup
  4. _PhonemeEventGroup
  5. _PitchEventGroup
  6. _RhythmEventGroup
  7. PhraseEvents
  8. EmoticonEvents 

When analyzing audio, FaceFX uses analysis events to signify important events in the audio.  These are then translated into animation curves via the analysis actor. Below are a list of the events and the event group names:



Stress events represent stressed syllables potentially worthy of an eyebrow raise, head nod, or other gesture.  They have a duration scale equal to the current rate of speech.

Stress categories


Silence events signify silence in the animation.  The duration scale of these events equals their duration in seconds.


Events for each phoneme are inserted into this group.  The event name is the FaceFX representation of the phoneme.



Rhythm events are like stress events, but their spacing is enforced (they must be at least .5 seconds apart) and they are more aggressively grouped based upon neighboring silences.  Because silence is an excellent indicator of thought, these events can give insight into when the speaker begins and ends new thoughts.


PhraseEvents (note the lack of the underscore), are used to break the text into shorter phrases corresponding to the punctuation in the text.  There are four phrase events for commas, periods, question marks and exclamation points.  The event start time corresponds to the start of the first word in the phrase, and the event duration is equal to the time in seconds until the end of the last word in the phrase.


More info about emoticon events can be found here.