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IPA FaceFX X-SAMPA Manner Place Voicing Examples
P p Plosive Bilabial Voiceless /p/rint, s/p/in, ti/p/
B b Plosive Bilabial Voiced /b/oot, a/b/out
T t Plosive Alveolar Voiceless /t/ry, /t/oday
D d Plosive Alveolar Voiceled /d/og, bombe/d/
K k Plosive Velar Voiceless /c/at, s/k/in
G g Plosive Velar Voiced /g/um, ba/g/
M m Nasal Bilabial - /m/ore, botto/m/
N n Nasal Alveolar - /n/i/n/e, pla/n/
NG N Nasal Velar - si/ng/, ba/n/k
RA r Trill Alveolar - Spanish pe/rr/o
RU R Trill Uvular - French /r/ue, German /R/echt
FLAP 4 Flap Alveolar Voiceless wa/t/er
PH p/ Fricative Bilabial Voiceless Japanese /f/uhai.
F f Fricative Labiodental Voiceless /f/arm, ta/ff/y
V v Fricative Labiodental Voiced /v/isit, ra/v/e
TH T Fricative Dental Voiceless /th/ing, ba/th/
DH D Fricative Dental Voiced /th/is, /th/e
S s Fricative Alveolar Voiceless /s/it, pa/ss/
Z z Fricative Alveolar Voiced /z/oo, ro/s/es
SH S Fricative Postalveolar Voiceless /sh/oe, pa/ssi/on, dona/ti/on
ZH Z Fricative Postalveolar Voiced trea/s/ure, mira/ge/
CX C Fricative Palatal Voiceless /h/uman (some English dialects). German i/ch/
X x Fricative Velar Voiceless /Ch/anukah.
GH G Fricative Velar Voiced Japanese ha/g/e
HH h Fricative Glottal Voiceless /h/appy, a/h/ead (murmured)
R r Approximant Alveolar - /r/ed
Y j Approximant Palatal - /y/ou, /y/esterday.
L l Lateral Approximant Alveolar - /l/ip, p/l/ease
W w Approximant Labial-velar - /w/ater, /w/alk
H H Approximant Labial-palatal - Not in English. French /hu/it, Mandarin Chinese yue
TS ts Affricate Alveolar Voiceless pi/zz/a, German /z/ehn, Schni/tz/el
CH tS Affricate Postalveolar Voiceless /ch/ip.
JH dZ Affricate Postalveolar Voiced /g/irrafe, /j/ump


IPA FaceFX X-SAMPA Height Backness Roundedness Diacritic Examples
IY i Close Front Unrounded - b/ee/t, French f/i/n/i/
E e Close-mid Front Unrounded - b/e/d (AuE and NzE), French beaut/é/, German S/ee/le
EN e~ Close-mid Front Unrounded - French /ain/si
EH E Open-mid Front Unrounded - b/e/d (GA), French b/ê/te, German b/e/tt
A a Open Front Unrounded - c/u/t (AuE and NzE), French r/a/t, German r/a/tte, Spanish r/a/t/a/
AA A Open Back Unrounded - sp/a/ (RP & GA), h/o/t (GA), French p/â/te
AAN A~ Open Back Unrounded Nasalized French qu/and/, French /un/
AO O Open-mid Back Rounded - b/a/ll (RP), h/o/t (AuE & NzE), French s/o/rt, German v/o/ll
AON O~ Open-mid Back Rounded Nasalized French s/on/
O o Close-mid Back Rounded - b/a/ll (AuE and NzE), French rés/eau/, German K/oh/l
ON o~ Close-mid Back Rounded Nasalized French m/an/teau
UW u Close Back Rounded - b/oo/t (RP and GA). French f/ou/
UY y Close Front Rounded - Not in English. French ch/u/te.
EU 2 Close-mid Front Rounded - Not in English. French p/eu/, German sch/ö/n
OE 9 Open-mid Front Rounded - German H/ö/lle
OEN 9~ Open-mid Front Rounded Nasalized French j/eu/ne
AH V Open-mid Back Unrounded - n/u/t (RP & GA), Korean b/eo/l
IH I Near-close Near-front Unrounded - b/i/t (RP, GA, AuE)
UU Y Near-close Near-front Rounded - Not in English. German h/ü/bsch
UH U Near-close Near-back Rounded - h/oo/k. German Sch/u/tz, Swedish.
AX @ Mid Central - - /a/bout, syn/o/nym, /uh/.
UX 6 Near-open Central - - c/u/t (CaE), German de/r/.
AE { Near-open Front Unrounded - f/a/t (RP, GA, AuE)
ER 3 Open-mid Central Unrounded - English p/er/fect (GA), f/ur/ (RP and AuE)
AXR @’ Mid Central - Rhotacized butt/er/
EXR 3’ Open-mid Central - Rhotacized f/ur/


Note: Long dipthongs are split into component vowels, so mappings for them can be ignored. IPA | FaceFX | X-SAMPA | First | Second | Examples

EY EI EH IH pl/ay/
AW aU A UH ab/ou/t
AY aI A IH b/i/te
OY OI O IH b/oy/
OW @U AX UH b/oa/t