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To change the current theme, navigate to your “My Documents” folder and edit the facefx_theme.ini file located in the “FaceFX Studio 20XX” folder. Change the first line of this file to be the name of the theme you would like to use, without any file extensions. For example, to select the “black” theme (located in black.png in the Themes folder of the install directory), the first line of the file should simply be:


Note that there are no quotes or paths and no blank lines. The theme is searched for in the Themes folder in the install directory or in the Themes folder in the “FaceFX Studio 20XX” folder in your “My Documents” folder.

Also note that you need to restart FaceFX Studio for theme changes to take effect.

Creating your own themes is equally easy: take a look at one of our theme .png files in the Themes folder in the install directory. Just make a copy of one and edit the colors to your tastes and then select it in the facefx_theme.ini file.