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Template Files

FaceFX Template files store all the information you are likely to want to share across multiple actors. The idea is that you get one character set up the way you want and you can easily copy the setup to your other characters. Importing a template allows you to sync the following components:

  1. Face Graph
  2. Mapping
  3. Node Groups
  4. Force Node Positions
  5. Cameras
  6. Workspaces
  7. Color Map

Force Node Positions - By default, only nodes at the origin will assume the node positions in the template. Selecting this options forces node positions to the ones in the template even if they contain a valid position in the current face graph. 

You can export a template with the Actor->Export Template option. All of the above components are exported. You can import a template with the Actor->Sync To Template option. When syncing to a template you have the option of selecting one or more of the above components to sync to.

When using the Template system, keep the following in mind: