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Recursive Events

Events can be recursive, and contain themselves as a child event in their template.  There are limitations:

  1. A recursive event will stop recusively spawning once its curves would fall outside the time range delimited by the parent animation’s first and last keys. 

  2. A maximum recursion depth of 1000 is enforced.
  3. The recursive event should be “immediately recursive”.  In other words, it should contain itself directly, not through another event.

In general, it is a very bad idea to add a recursive event with a Start Time of 0, as this will always trigger the recursion depth limitation.  One also needs to be very careful with recursive events that have magnitude scales or duration scales not equal to 1 as these values will grow exponentially each time the animation is recursed.

Use case

Any event that you want sporadically placed can be done by using recursion.  For example, it is easy to make the character blink randomly every 2-5 seconds using recursion.