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Python Plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of FaceFX Studio. 


Creating New Plugins

Example Plugins

FBX Importer

The FBX Importer implements the FBX Pipeline.  Due to its complexity, the plugin is not the best one to use to learn the python plugin system, but it is a very powerful and useful plugin that you can use as a resource.

Remove Bones

A simple plugin that launches a modal dialog that interfaces with the bonepose command to remove unwanted bones from the rest pose or bone poses.  Getting unwanted movement in the mouth when your character blinks?  Use Remove Bones!

Batch Summarizer

Batch Summarizer is launched after a batch process operation, meaning it is only useful to FaceFX Unlimited customers that have access to the analyze command.  A printout summarizing the batch operation is sent to the python log listing the number of files analyzed, files that were analyzed without text, and files that failed to analyze.  A GUI is then launched that lets you review animations and text files, starting with the lowest confidence areas first.  You can play the problematic area, open the corresponding text file in notepad, and reanalyze the audio and text file.

Collapsed XML Exporter

Collapsed XML Exporter creates a (collapsed) XML file.  This file can be read by external applications that need animation curves but can not evaluate the face graph.  Some Unity pipelines use this file to get data into Unity.    The FBX pipeline is also fully compatible with Unity for users who do not want to use XML files.