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About .fxanalysis-config files

.fxanalysis-config files are used to override FaceFX analysis settings. They take precedence over options selected inside of FaceFX Studio.

Single file use 

You can create a .fxanalysis-config file that only applies to a single file by placing the file in the same directory as the audio file, and giving the .fxanalysis-config file the same base file name (for example welcome.wav will match welcome.fxanalysis-config )

Directory use

.fxanalysis-config files with an empty base file name will apply to the entire directory and all sub-directories.

Note: windows explorer makes it difficult to create file names with a single period as the first character.  You will get an error saying “You must type a filename” To get around this, name the file “.fxanlysis-config.” (notice the trailing period).  Windows explorer will automatically remove the trailing period.

Cascading ruleset

For a given audio file, multiple .fxanalysis-config files can impact the analysis settings.  For example, C:\folder1\test.wav could have up to three:  

  1. C:\.fxanalysis-config
  2. C:\folder1\.fxanalysis-config
  3. C:\folder1\test.fxanalysis-config

If the settings conflict, the .fxanlysis-config file closest to the audio file determines the final analysis setting. 


Comments begin with a # Analysis settings are set with Name:Value pairs, with each setting on its own line.

Example Settings 

AnalysisActor: Default
AnalysisLanguage: French
NewCoarticulation: False
Group: French
Ignore: False