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Batch Processing

Note:  Batch processing is only available in source code and unlimited versions of FaceFX Studio.

Batch processing can be done from anywhere you can create a new animation (either from the Animation Manager or from the “" option in the animation selection dropdown on the main toolbar). The Animation Manager can be found on the main toolbar ![](img/WikiAttachment_W700_animationmanager.png)  or from _Actor->Animation Manager._ Simply select "Create Animation" from the Animtion Manager (or simply select "" from the animation selection dropdown) and tick "Batch analysis" and follow the wizard (if it is not available as an option then batch processing and the analyze command are disabled in your version of FaceFX Studio).  

Batch processing can also be done with the analyze command by specifying the -dir flag.  Batch processing can be done from the DOS prompt by using the analyze command in the executed batch script.