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Analysis Text Preprocessing

The analysis text can be modified by an external Python script before being sent into FaceFX analysis.  To achieve this, create a function that accepts and returns a Unicode text string and register it as the “analysistextpreprocessor” signal.


The following example will register a callback that adds an event for the “Negative” animation in the “_TextEvents” animation group before any occurrence of the words “no”, “not”, or “don’t”.  The Negative animation is used by the Default analysis actor to do a small head shake.

import re
def myAnalysisTextPreProcessorSignal(analysisText, language):   
	return re.sub("\s(?P<word>no|not|don't)\W", " {\"_TextEvents|Negative\"} \g<word> ", analysisText);
FxStudio.connectSignal("analysistextpreprocessor", myAnalysisTextPreProcessorSignal)