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Alternative Mapping

Below find XML for an alternative mapping.  Simply save this as an XML file, import it into Studio, then save out a template to apply to other characters.

<actor name="NewActor" version="2090" path="" render_asset="">
<entry phoneme="IY" target="Eat" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="IH" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="EH" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="EY" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AE" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AA" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AW" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AY" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AH" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AO" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="OY" target="Oat" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="OW" target="Oat" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="UH" target="Oat" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="UW" target="Oat" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="ER" target="Earth" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AX" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="S" target="Size" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="SH" target="Church" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="Z" target="Size" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="ZH" target="Church" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="F" target="Fave" amount="0.700000" />
<entry phoneme="TH" target="Though" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="V" target="Fave" amount="0.700000" />
<entry phoneme="DH" target="Though" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="M" target="Bump" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="N" target="New" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="NG" target="New" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="L" target="Told" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="R" target="Roar" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="W" target="Wet" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="Y" target="Wet" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="HH" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="B" target="Bump" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="D" target="Told" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="JH" target="Church" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="G" target="Cage" amount="0.200000" />
<entry phoneme="P" target="Bump" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="T" target="Told" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="K" target="Cage" amount="0.200000" />
<entry phoneme="CH" target="Church" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="FLAP" target="Told" amount="0.500000" />
<entry phoneme="RA" target="Roar" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="RU" target="Roar" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="PH" target="Fave" amount="0.700000" />
<entry phoneme="CX" target="Cage" amount="0.200000" />
<entry phoneme="X" target="Cage" amount="0.200000" />
<entry phoneme="GH" target="Cage" amount="0.200000" />
<entry phoneme="H" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="TS" target="Told" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="E" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="EN" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="A" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AAN" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AON" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="O" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="ON" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="UY" target="Wet" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="EU" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="OE" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="OEN" target="Ox" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="UU" target="Wet" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="UX" target="If" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="AXR" target="Earth" amount="0.850000" />
<entry phoneme="EXR" target="Earth" amount="0.850000" />